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Noob trying to trade: An honest reflection on my performance after three weeks

So after three weeks trying to trade, I haven't blown my account yet.
On Feb 24 I started trading Forex with an account funded with €30. I know, I do not belong to those who put 10,000 into a forex account, as a noob, but to mee the learning curve and the ride feels the same.
On day one, I lost €4.17, the next days I made profits, so the P/L balance was + €0.8. Ok, I did not blow my account the first days. But then and unfortunately, I began trading just days before the EUUSD was on a jump from 1.09 to ~1.15. I sold EUUSD at 1.09042. With a lot more experience I could have avoided this trade. Even worse I did not realize a loss quickly, but carried the losses to this day.
Reddit experts said I should realize my loss, but I didn't want to. My account needed some more funding, so I added additionally €10, to avoid the liquidation of my position.
My available trading resources went into the red, mayking it impossible to trade. I am trading 1,000 units (EURUSD) with a 33.3% leverage. the margin reguirement is about the same at ~€33.30. I was basically locked out from trading since Feb 28.
Days later, when the uptrend was slowing down, I added another €40 (now total €120), enough to open a second position. The rationale was, I do not want to wait until, and if any maybe my losses disappear, but instead I believed that after such a strong week for the € there has to be some consolidation. I wanted to sell euros again, to work towards a quicker break even.
On March 9, after a week of being incapable to trade because of insufficient funds, I opened a new sell position. just to lose another €2.40 that day. Still, to me the charts looked like the euro would go down.
Fortunately, I did not realize my loss, when reddit experts suggested to do so at the hight of my loss (€-52.18). The last week was great. I made profit every day trading the 1 minute chart. Still I use a number of indicators, support and resistances, ranges and trends. So this week i realised a loss of €-2.40 and made profits of €13.79. Trading only a micro lot in with margin of €33.30, that's a 41,41% profit since Tuesday. So actually I am happy about that.
After three weeks, I did not blow my account. My unrealised loss is, as of now, down from max €-52.18 to €-18.49, (which is my poor man's profit) and I was able to have more profitable trades than losing trades.
I only traded Sell positions with the trend. Although my available trading resources would have allowed 2,000 units to trade since Wednesday, (+ the 1,000 units from Feb 28), I did not feel comfortable to trade the other direction, once I "figured out" how to trade "my pattern".
Date Avail. TR Total Margin Net Equity P/L (unreal.) Cash Realised Financing Funding
before €70 - €26.96 €33.~~ €70 to €59 €0.5 to€-21.17 €70 - €81.27 €-4.17 - €0.8
05.03.20 €17.95 €33,16 €51.11 €-30.27 €81.38 €0.11
06.03.20 €13.96 €33,08 €47.04 €-34.38 €81.42 €0.04
07.03.20 €1396 €33.08 €47.04 €-34.38 €81.42 saturday
08.03.20 €1396 €33.08 €47.04 €-34.38 €81.42 sunday
09.03.20 €-0.05 €66.92 €66.87 €-52.18 €119.05 €-2.40 €0.03 €40.00
10.03.20 €59.75 €32.65 €92.40 €-33.13 €125.53 €6.40 €0.08
11.03.20 €65.43 €33.08 €98.51 €-32.75 €131.26 €5.69 €0.04
12.03.20 €80.34 €33.30 €114.07 €-18.49 €132.56 € 1.70 ~€0.04
Now, when I look at my performance it looks great. However, I want to be honest with myself. At a second look, my trading day performance it's not that great anymore.
If I look at the first trade that turned from an unrealized loss of €-3.47 (from opening to day close) to a profit of €4.00.
Open Date Open Order Market Close P/L Close Order Close Date
09 Mar 15:53 [email protected] 1.14544 €4.00 [email protected] 10 Mar 2020 09:11
The EURUSD was at 1.14544. It's at the time of writing this post ~1.11117. ~304 pips since I traded on March 9. If I had just kept open that one position, I would have made ~€27 (€0.09 / pip). Trading daily, losing my mind and risking my money I made only €13.79.
Say, I feel more comfortable and trade the other direction, whatever that direction might be. I could have made maybe twice as much, which is still below what I could have made if I only kept the first postion in that series open and waited three days.
The conclusion after a week of somehow successful trading to me as a noob is that if i could identify atrend reversal that would last a few days, it really isn't worth trading for hours a day. you can have the same with less risk and less stress.
it may look very different in a range scenario. in a ranging week, i would have outperformed the euusd pair easily.
my net equity is only ~2% in the red (€117 from €120, was €47 from €80 at worst point). which is so much better than a few days ago and if i had realised the loss. what i learned this week is of great valuable too. so i am happy with the result, but i also have to say it was a bit of a useless endavour moneywise compared to the simple performance of the currency pair.
conclusion: mixed feelings about my performance as a forex noob.
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Trading Contest: Rules, Benchmarks and Prizes.

I've now arranged at least one backer for the trading contest to provide investment prizes. Some of the details of this may be subject to change. Last week my girlfriend went away on a trip and in the car she took was a bag with two of my phones and one laptop. So I've not yet discussed the finer points of this on the phone with the backer yet, just briefly exchanged some emails and have an agreement in principle. I'll be able to confirm Sunday/Monday when she's back.

Initial Funding Offer

Testing investment of $10,000. Scaling to full investment of $100,000. Further adding of funding up to $1 million.


Meet a tier 3 trader benchmark.
Tier 3 traders have to be able to produce an average return of 3% a month and never exceed 10% drawdown.
Results need to be over 9 month - 12 months. The trading data needs to be made available for quant team analysis.

Account Requirements

Results have to be produced on live accounts, with a funding of $1,000 (or more).

If anyone is able to produce solid results but for some reason can not afford to fund this, I am willing to sponsor you for this, providing the seed capital (essentially investing in you). For me to do this, I'll need to see you producing solid results on a demo account for at least 3 - 6 months. If you can, I'll set up something to allow you access to live funds trading without self funding it.

Drawdown Rules

Drawdown will be tracked with professional metrics. This means we are tracking equity drawdown (not balance drawdown), and it mean we're tracking equity drawdown from high water mark.

This means if you open trades and they float against you, but later close profitably the drawdown in running trades is counted as losses. It also means if your trades go into profit and later close at a loss the percentage loss will be from the high in equity. So for example if you go up 2% in equity profit and close 1% loss, you lost 3%. 3% is your high water mark drawdown.

So it is essential you can both control your running equity losses, and efficiently cap losses on unrealised profits.


The backer is mainly from the Forex world, but also willing to provide backing for results from other markets. So people can trade where they know best.

(Note: For me funding you, I'll probably only be accepting Forex. Logistical reasons).

Toxic Tendencies

Results will be screened by quant team for 'toxic tendencies'. These are known weaknesses in strategies that mean they can produce short term results, but rarely are sustainable. The most common example of this is martingale. Toxic tendencies strategies will be rejected even if they produce good results. If there is any chance at all of them being considered 18 months or more of trading history will be required.

Fresh Accounts

For the purposes of this contest, all accounts will have to be new accounts tracking forward from the start date of the contest. Backtesting or previous forward testing will not be accepted.

Further Funding

The funding available can be further increased if tier 3 benchmarks are passed. Tier 3 is the lowest viable results, with funding usually capped under 5 million (most commonly 1 million). If traders can beat tier 3 results and match tier 2 or even tier 1 results, a lot more funding is available.
As a rule of thumb, tier 2 traders have minimum investments of 5 - 10 million. Tier 1 traders minimum investments of $100 million. I will discuss in more detail with people how to progress through these tiers if and when it is applicable.

Time Scale of Opportunity

This is open indefinitely. The backer will probably be quite happy to offer incentives like this for a long time (profitable traders are worth a lot of money to those who can fund them). Even if for some reason they decide to no longer offer funding, in a few years time I will be in a position where I can allocate large amounts of funds to profitable traders - so I will provide continuity of this offer.

My Benchmarks

As benchmarks, I will provide a few different strategies that I know are suitable for tier 3 trading. It has always been in my plan to provide some strategy write ups for these for people to learn them, and then have them running with ongoing results updates for people to see how they perform. So I will just push on with getting this set up, and then use these strategies as my entries into the contest and setting of tier 3 benchmarks.

Starting Date

ETA for this is probably in the next 3 weeks. This gives me a bit of time to do the strategy write ups and finalise details on funding requirements and scale up of investments. I will update on this when I have a more solid timeline.
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Advice for a 'noob' to trading

Hi guys, so I have made substantial amounts of profit with my investments into crypto so far, however because of my foolish trading in the past where i did not learn How to identify patterns and use trading tools and candlestick charts I have lost quite the amount of unrealised profit ( high 4 to Low 5 figures) I have squandered away a good percentage of my profit. Now, I have studied for days and weeks on end, and have been playing around with smaller amounts to practice not getting emotional and sticking to trades, my main question is, would it be advisable to trade with my main stack as a whole and use 3- maximum 5x leverage and attempt to short/Long bitcoin? I've read before that 95% of Traders fail, and its largely due to their emotions so I hopefully have that covered for now, but any tips from people who have successfully traded? I've already been going through the babypips course for forex trading to learn all about the basics, just hoping to find some decent tips here. I've also managed to already stop kicking myself for not being able to look at charts 24/7 and missing out on thousands/hundreds of dollars, but really now learning all about trading and staring at charts is getting too addictive
PS: don't know this is weird but this year I'm 16 and instead of going out with friends and generally wasting my life away having fun I'm getting enjoyment trying to grow my stack and do trading, most of my friends can't even begin to fathom the shit I'm reading up on.
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Forex Account Capital

Hi Traders, just a curious question, how much capital does your Forex account have? Do you take weekly profits and then keep the capital or do you cash it out?
I'm a new trader and I'm only trading with an account value of $1,000 before unrealised P/L.
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TenoCoin Is A SCAM

On the TenoCoin website, they list their exchange partners as coinexchange.io, yobit.net and livecoin.net
This is stated because whether you agree with the verdict of Teno coin, should arguably dictate whether you use the exchanges which they claim to be partnered with.
The questions put forward will be taken from the "Coinjudge Announcements" post
What do we know about their team?
Nothing, their team is completely anonymous. A whois search brings up a private GoDaddy Registration, and no information is listed on their website that could be used to identify anyone in their team.
This is just a red flag and not a complete deal breaker in most circumstances, for some.
What are you Investing In?
Since Teno does not have a product line, your TNC token* is not backed by any physical product. Teno claims to be a lending program, and in short you lend them money for a certain amount of time and they will make you up to 55.8% per month in interest. We will therefore put an emphasis on how this is made possible below.
Are there any outlandish claims without proof?
A quote taken from their "How we earn page":
"There are more than 30 servers running bots to make profits from the volatility of cryptocurrency market price. We can maintain a profit of 2% a day for many years."
There is no evidence of this except for a video where they allegedly show one bot making $1,500 in five minutes on a virtual account. TenoCoin says they will have 80 of these different bots as soon as the ICO is completed. Video here : https://youtu.be/22OrO6-NrnU
One demo video is not conclusive evidence that Teno Coin will be able to make money through Bots. Furthermore, trading bots cannot accurately predict the market AND give you a return of "2% a day for many years."
We will therefore disregard any argument that they claim to have 80 trading bots, as there is no evidence to claim that they have at the least one working bot.
Here is a calculation of the profits, you can make if you buy into the ICO, right now.
A Teno Coin now costs at the time of writing this $0.60
Assuming I invest $600 and buy 1000.
The roadmap claims that Teno will have a target price of $25 next month.
They say target so let's half that and assume they make $12.
I would have unrealised gains of $11,400 a profit gain of 1900% in seven days.
They then claim a target of $200 by December.
Looking at the White Paper:
The Teno white paper reads like a brochure. They explain that the staking program rewards those who hold TNC tokens for the first six months a 10% annual interest, and subsequent months see a reduce in interest.
The lending program gives users the choice to invest from $100 to $250,000. The higher the investment, the less time you will have on capital release and the more daily interest you will gain, where capital release time ranges from 240 days to 60 days respectively.
All of TenoCoin's claims rest on the premise that they have trading bots that will guarantee a 2% interest rate for the foreseeable future. However, In the white paper there are no details on how any number of the 80 bots will be built, for example what algorithm they will be using, no details on how the architecture will be laid out, will it be hosted on cloud services, if so what will the stack be? How will you be able to guarantee scalability?
The argument that the founders themselves will develop these bots is mute as in the white paper they state "We are a gathering of traders, long time investors in the forex market and cryptocurrency from 2005."
TenoCoin has not supplied enough evidence, in some cases any to back the claims they have put forward, and so will be added to the database as a scam.
*TNC is not a registered Ether Token and all google search results brought forth a different coin.
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Journal entry - Deferred tax asset

Hi guys,
Brief background: In my country unrealised loss on forex denominated asset/liability considered non-deductible for tax purposes and it will be become deductible upon its actual settlement. Therefore it gives rise to DTA/DTL depending on situation. In 2014 year end, my company accountant recognized DTA (Dr:DTA, Cr: Deferred tax expense) on forex unrealised loss on our USD payable. Since we were in profit making position in 2014, we paid extra tax due to it was not deductible expense yet. However, in 2015 year end, unfortunately we are in loss making position and during 2015 we settled the liability which caused the unrealised loss in 2014. Now we are not sure how to reverse the DTA recognized in 2014 because the reversing journal entry cant be (Dr: Income tax expense, Cr; DTA) right? If we do this entry it would unreasonably decrease our retained earnings. In this loss making situation what is the correct accounting entry to reverse or write-down deferred tax assets? thank you A LOT.
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How to use Dynamics NAV Unrealised currencies Gains and Losses I Made $22,000 in One Month Trading Forex & Stocks: Here's ... The Unreleased Forex Trader Interview (ft. Etienne Crete) UNREALIZED and REALIZED Gains and Losses - YouTube SQL Accounting - Realised and Unrealised Gain / Loss on Forex

Unrealized gains and losses are events that have occurred on paper to a stock or other investment. They become realized when the asset is actually sold. Realized income is income you have received (on a cash basis) or earned (on an accrual basis). Unrealized income is paper profit. For example, if you own a house you purchased for $100,000, and it ... Unrealized P/L – upl forex. In your trading platform, you might have seen a green or red indicated floating p/l or unrealized P/l. These parameters are equally important when it comes to trading so let’s get into it. Unrealized loss refers to a scenario when you hold onto the assets after the value has depreciated rather than selling them because you don’t want to realize the loss. On ... Unrealized profit or losses refer to profits or losses that have occurred on paper, but the relevant transactions have not been completed. You can also call an unrealized gain or loss a paper profit or paper loss, because it is recorded on paper but has not actually been realized. Record realized income or losses on the income statement. These ... The Unreleased Forex Trader Interview (ft. Etienne Crete) In this Montreal Forex trading vlog, I sit down with full-time trader Micheal Toma for a Forex trader interview. Michael visits Montreal for the Montreal Traders Meetup. I drop the mic and Michael asks me questions about my background as a trader as well as how I've achieved this Forex ... Others FOREX.com canceled my account, delaying the withdrawal. On February 28th, I was asked to submit the address certification(but it takes days to receive the credit card bill). Then my trading was suspended. I have no idea but to open a new account in FOREX.com . But there is a frequent disconnection with the server. The trading experience was terrible. The withdrawal applied on March 28th ... Understanding Unrealized Losses . An unrealized loss stems from a decline in value on a transaction that has not been completed yet. The entity or investor would not incur the loss unless they ... Not just in forex, in other markets as well, there exists both unrealized and realized P/L. Now, let’s begin with understanding each term with the help of examples. Unrealized P/L. Unrealized P/L, as the name clearly suggests, is the profit or loss running in a trade that is not closed. The profit/loss in unrealized P/L constantly changes as ... UnRealized Exchnage rate Diffrence Gain/ Loss:-Here the foreign exchange rate diffrence appear but not realized, because the transaction is not cleared up. Taking the scenario above, if you do not pay on 16th jan and invoice remains open. You run the F.05 at month end to revaluate the open items and on 31st Jan, the exchange rate came down at 48 INR per USD. Then F.05 will show the unrealized ... I would really appreciate some guidance as the best way to account for Forex gains and losses for creditors and debtors. At month end, we set a new FX rate, and revalue the outstanding debtors and creditors. My understanding is that this goes to the Unrealised Exchange Gains/Losses account(s).

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How to use Dynamics NAV Unrealised currencies Gains and Losses

"Unrealized" vs. "Realized" in Trading Explained A question that has arisen several times is in regards to when money is 'actually made and/or lost in the ma... #forex #forexlifestyle #forextrader Want to join the A1 Trading Team? Follow along with trades taken by our top trading analysts, join our trading chatroom, ... How to use Dynamics NAV Unrealised currencies Gains and Losses, presented by Match Business Solutions. The Unreleased Forex Trader Interview (ft. Etienne Crete) Subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/4DpLu6 In this Montreal Forex trading vlog, I sit down with full-time trader Michael Toma who ... http://sql-accounting.my/ Whatsapp : https://bit.ly/blazebiz Handling the unrealised forex gains or loss in SQL Accounting system #sqlaccounting #sqlaccount ... Hi! I’m Dominique Henderson and I’m your Certified Financial Planner™ on YouTube. I’m on a mission to help coach the next generation of financial professiona...