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Explanation of the charts I posted earlier

I'll try to explain. The context is the concept of purchasing power parity:
The concept is that the numbers themselves can tell you a lot, for example, the rate of a pair, say AUD/CAD specifically state what the AUDJPY and CADJPY should be. The AUDCAD is 0.83183 which means 1 CAD is equal to 1.20216 AUD. So however many JPY you can get for a AUD you should be able to get 1.20216 times more JPY for a CAD.
AUDJPY = 64.201
64.201 x 1.20216 = CADJPY = 77.17987
But the actual market price is CADJPY=76.974. Which means there is a disequilibrium between what the actual rate is. It can be quantified as the difference, -0.20587. I've taken that concept and expanded it to all currencies in a pretty large spreadsheet. The aggregate disequilibrium is accounted for each pair.
For this example, both the AUD is putting -0.20587 "weight" on the CADJPY and the CAD is putting -0.20587 "wieght" on the AUDJPY. This is collected for each individual currency and added together to represent the weight.
For example:
EUGBP 0.91447
USD/GBP 0.86211
CHF/GBP 0.87428
CAD/GBP 0.60099
AUD/GBP 0.50116
NZD/GBP 0.50600
JPY/GBP 0.007776594
ZAGBP 0.0484013
NOKGBP 0.0717705
HKD/GBP 0.110299
CNH/GBP 0.119747
SGD/GBP 0.588505
TRY/GBP 0.129911
SEK/GBP 0.0821385
DKK/GBP 0.12234
PLN/GBP 0.200372
MXN/GBP 0.0348339
RUB/GBP 0.0106524
Which averages out to 12.20271181 for the GBP. When this is done for each currency and added together which comes to 80.2174589.
GBP 12.20271181 15.21%
EUR 10.70881522 13.35%
USD 10.43321516 13.01%
CHF 9.209341569 11.48%
CAD 7.268234336 9.06%
SGD 7.16468796 8.93%
AUD 6.058258744 7.55%
NZD 6.065011193 7.56%
PLN 2.411473714 3.01%
TRY 1.541615401 1.92%
DKK 1.441292277 1.80%
CNH 1.411273128 1.76%
HKD 1.290361376 1.61%
SEK 0.952565391 1.19%
NOK 0.839225708 1.05%
ZAR 0.54313985 0.68%
MXN 0.507674255 0.63%
JPY 0.094083269 0.12%
RUB 0.074478539 0.09%
I've found that charting isn't needed to understand what prices should be now. They help in understanding what motivates people to have money exposed. Charts are in the psychological part of trading.
Edit: The JPY pairs are calculated times 0.01, that's why it's index is greater than RUB. I guess I can't post the charts anymore.
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